The 1960s Of The 1950s Essay

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In contrast to the more liberated 1940s, the 1950s brought a return to traditional women’s roles. Different from the 1920s through the 1940s, less women graduated high school than men in the 1950s, and more men were still graduating college than women. This did not bring great success for women’s opportunities. In fact, the total amount of women’s participation in the labor force was 50% of that of men’s. After the war, when the men returned, the birth rate, in the United States, increased significantly. This caused the role of the classic stay at home mom, who took care of the children and did the chores around the house, to come back into play in the 1950s. Women were reluctant to leave their home and children because child care outside the home was not readily available. Instead of being working mothers, women with children were encouraged to stay at home. The women that did work, had their wages not considered a part of the family income but instead for holidays and extra fun activities. Society was still not seeing the importance of women outside the home, which made it harder for a women to support themselves financially.
After the war, fashion turned towards a more feminine look than slacks. It became very popular for women to dress for men, so clothing was made to flatter women’s bodies. This shows that women were considered objects, within society, for men to look at. Many designers, like dior, embraced the hourglass shape for clothing and other structured garments.…

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