That Day Essay example

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Life Changing Experiences
By: Olivia Son

Growing up in the country you could always find me outside playing with my friends or relatives. We would literally go outside the moment we woke up and would not come back inside until bedtime. Between riding four-wheelers, jumping on trampolines, and having mud fights you never knew what we might me getting into that day. I had my share of bumps and bruises along the way but I would not have changed a single minute of it. We all grow up thinking that we are invincible until something happens in your life that changes all that.
I remember that day as if it were yesterday. It was a hot summer day just like any other and I was your typical fourteen-year-old girl who wanted to spend all her
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This caught me a little off guard because normally we would just ride around and attempt to not get stuck in all of the mud puddles. I trusted him though and knew he would not do anything to hurt me so I went along with it. He turned around to kiss me and things just continued to escalate from there. Some time had passed by and we decided that we better head back towards my house before my parents began to get worried and wonder where we were.
So we take off back towards the main road and the next thing I remember is sitting on the ground screaming and wondering what had just happened. My boyfriend rushed over to me and immediately ripped off his shirt and looked at me with this look of worry on his face and wrapped his shirt around my head. At this point, I begin to freak out even worse because not only do I not know what is going on I also do not know what is wrong with me. My head did not hurt and instead felt like it was really empty which I knew was not right. Finally, I calmed down enough for him to explain what was going on and for us to decide what do. We had apparently flipped my four-wheeler and my head was bleeding.
We decided the best thing to do was to call my parents and have them come down to where we were since there was no way of getting the four-wheeler back to my house. Once my step-dad gets there he does everything possible to keep me from knowing just how

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