Essay on Thank You For Writing Your Advice

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Thank you for writing to my advice column, from reading your letter, I can tell that this is an issue that keeps you up at night and I am glad you wrote to my column seeking advice. The relationship they say is no walk in the park and if you have been married to your wife for fifteen years then I cam say with all certainty that you have been through the highs and lows of your marriage, therefore, making you the sexpert in your relationship. Going straight to the point, I would say, it is not unusual for married couples to lose the intensity in their sexual relationship or the frequency. You have to take into consideration that after fifteen years of marriage with children’s, jobs, added obligations and lets not forget the age impact in the human body and anatomy, it would be only natural that sex would not be as great as it was when you were newlyweds, the honey moon period only last for so long. Before I get into giving you an advice on how to approach your wife with your concerns without hurting her feelings, I would like to make sure that we are on the same page on what the definition of sex is. You see, living in the world that has ready and easy access to the Internet. The definitions and expectations of sex and sex roles are too many to quantify so when it comes to individual relationships, it is great to establish a set definition and role so that when you or your pattern is not meeting the expectations or following the guidelines, it would give a clear strategy…

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