John Doe Case Study Psychology

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John Doe is a forty-seven year old unemployed student. He used to be a successful plastering contractor until Rheumatoid Arthritis left him duct taping tools to his hands and eventually not only unable to climb scaffold but enable to walk and having to use a power chair to get around. He is married to Jane, age forty, and they have seven children, though none are together. John brought four to the relationship and Jane three. John says sex was fun when he was young drinking and partying, but a couple times a week was sufficient. Both his first wife and girlfriend after that marriage had complained of infrequent relations with John, having to remind him to have intercourse, and both had sexual relations outside the relationship with John. He did have sexual relations with his current spouse, Jane, about every six months. John became increasingly harder to reach orgasm and sometimes never did. He is now at the point where he does not like to be touched anywhere near his genitals, …show more content…
"The one who needs more personal space may develop low sexual desire as a way to keep distant." (p332) John requires several times a week of a couple hours each to himself to do whatever he chooses to keep him from feeling smothered. He usually chooses to watch TV alone. He sticks to sports, car shows, prison/old gangster/old westerns. Very nonsex involved shows. He feels the media puts to much emphasis on sex and sexuality. "Because our society equates sexual attractiveness with youthfulness many middle aged and older men and women lose interest in sex as their self image or their attraction to their partner diminishes with age" (p322) John has expressed how ugly Jennifer Aniston has become as she got older. Jane really worries John finds her unattractive too. After all she is no Jennifer Aniston. Being in a media driven world has its draw backs, like the pressure on aging men to keep up with twenty year old

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