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The essay “Thank You for Smoking,” written by Peter Brimelow, is far from an influential essay on why people should smoke. Through this essay, Brimelow makes an effort to convince the audience smoking is actually beneficial to your health. I find it hard for people to write about what they think are the benefits of smoking when there are so many obvious reasons why you should not smoke.

The main audience being targeted in this article is those who already smoke and those who are thinking about smoking. One thing mentioned in the article is the fact that smokers are usually lighter in weight. In my personal opinion, I would rather eat a balanced diet and walk daily rather than walk around with a cigarette in my mouth and risk
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It is true these are all things in which people can benefit from; however, these are far from being favorable enough for people to decide to go light up.


Grounds include all evidence, facts, and logic used in supporting claims (McFadden). Through “Thank You for Smoking…?” there are several grounds given by Brimelow. These include a list of several diseases that are said to “offer more subtle health rewards to balance against its undisputed risks” (Brimelow 141).


Warrants are used in writing as a tool to connect evidence to a claim through values and logic (McFadden). Brimelow spells out in his essay that there are many pros and cons of smoking, and everyone has the freedom to do whatever they choose. By using warrants in this article, Brimelow attempts to get the audience to correspond with his belief of smoking being beneficial to your health. Several examples of how smoking can be good for you are presented in this article as previously stated.


Another supportive term in an argument is backing. This is the logic and evidence provided to support the warrant (McFadden). Models of this are meagerly presented in the essay through the comparison of smoking related deaths to automobile related accidents. To me this seems like a weak comparison since there are about 360,000 more deaths a year due to smoking.


Words and phrases that are used

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