Thalia's Tree Quotes

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“ The way he said my name sent a chill down my back. Nobody called me “ Perseus” except those who knew my true identity. Friends….and enemies.” When I read this quote by Percy Jackson, it had sent a chill down my neck and sent a happy feeling throughout my body because when that quote came into the book, it was when Percy was fighting monsters with his soon to be brother Tyson. This book Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan, is a thrilling fantasy. This book contains a adventure to save Thalia’s Tree that protects the camp for half-bloods. I believe that you should always fight for your friends and family.

Rick Riordan used the setting Sea of Monsters because they needed to get the golden fleece and they need it to save Thalia’s Tree. I think Rick used this setting because in the book the setting the Sea of Monsters is a place where you don't want go, it's where all the terrible monsters live. I think this because in the book there is two monsters named Scylla and Charybdis, Scylla is a monster who has six heads and if you go near her she will take six of your best means to eat one for every throat. Charybdis is a monster who make a whirlpool and sucks you in the whirlpool and then spits you back out again. This terrible sea it shapes the characters by making them alarm to what to come. I think that the sea of monster is a terrible place and you should never
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Percy Jackson would do anything for his family and friends just like you. At the beginning of the book Percy tried to save Tyson from the metal cannibal that was on fire. He stood up to those monsters and he wasn't afraid. This can tell you that the characteristics of Percy is Strong, has a lot of courage and caring. This need more kids like Percy who is not scared to stand up to big, scary people. Even myself wouldn't stand up to people because I was scared, so I need to be more like

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