Texting Is Better Than Sending A Letter Essay

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I ran upstairs as fast as I could as if it was a race to the dinner table. I left my phone on my charger downstairs while I was eating. After I was done eating I ran back downstairs and my phone was gone. I panicked and looked all over and quickly checked anywhere it could be in the room. I thought that it might be upstairs so I ran upstairs and the microwave beeped telling everyone it was done, my friends little brother opened the door and smoke rolled out of the microwave and once the smoke cleared I could see light, I reached my hand in there and found my phone. I was without my phone so I felt that I wasn’t really connected to the world, in a way I felt alone. One reason that texting is better than sending a letter is because instant messaging is faster, more convenient and way easier than a phone call or a letter in the snail mail, some might say that teens should also get away from technology because they are “addicted” and write letters, also people can reconnect to others around the world, technology has improved our communication skills.
One reason technology has improved our communication skills is that technology is faster, easier, and more convenient than taking a phone call or a letter through the mail. If people are doing something or just don’t have time to open a letter, then read it they can just look at their phones and send a quick text. If someone is at a meeting or in class or at work you can get a text and answer it quietly, they can also wait until…

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