Textile Factories Unhealthy

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There are many reasons why I believe textile factories are not safe for the working class families. The first reason why textile factories are not safe for working class is the low-pay of money and health conditions. In an interview with the House of Lords, Dr.Ward noted that “Cotton factories are highly unfavorable, both to the health and morals. They are really nurseries of disease, vice”. This verifies that if you work in factories that there is a high chance of you”ll get a disease. Another reason is that the pay is low for the amount of time working. The pay is especially low for children and women. The next reason why textile factories are bad for working class families is because of accidental injuries. In a statement from the House of Lords interview with Dr.Ward he explains why working in textile factories …show more content…
This shows that textile factories are unsafe because of the accidents of the children. Also, the number of children injured, out of 106, 47 were injured. Finally, the last reason why textile factories are unhealthy is from a statement from Joseph Hebergam he says that he is unhealthy. Sadler asks him “ What is the nature of your lungs”. Joseph replies by saying, “ I have damage in my lungs, my legs do not function properly and will not support my bone weight”. This proves that factories are bad for the condition of your body, and your health. Although Dr. Holme stated that factories are safe enough for families, I believe that they are unhealthy for families because of a statement from Dr.Ward he states that “ The state of the health cotton factories children is much worse than in other employments”. Although Edward Baines states that factories are safer than other employments, in an interview with Joseph Hebergam, he states his bones can no longer support his weight. In conclusion, I believe that textile factories are unsafe for families because of the health issues, the low pay, and the accidental

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