Testing An Ensemble Model Of Cirrus Ice Crystals Using Midlatitude

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We thank the reviewer for taking the time to read through our revised manuscript carefully and to provide additional comments, suggestions and clarifications on the microphysics. The additional comments provided are more to do with Parts II and III, as the reviewer acknowledged and not with Part I, which is the subject of the current review.
The microphysical points made by the reviewer will be addressed in Part II. Even so, we still provide the reviewer with information on the microphysics points that they raised.

We agree with the reviewer, ice crystal complexity increases with size and this behaviour is replicated by the ensemble model as described in Baran and Labonnote (2007). We could also in Parts II and III distribute the ensemble model throughout the PSD in a similar fashion to Baum et al 2011. Indeed, this has previously been done in a microphysics paper by Baran et al. 2009 (Anthony J. Baran, P.J. Connolly, C. Lee, Testing an ensemble model of cirrus ice crystals using midlatitude in situ estimates of ice water content, volume extinction coefficient and the total solar optical depth, JQSRT, Volume 110, Issues 14–16, September–November 2009, Pages 1579-1598). So yes, we can easily do that and the previous paper showed that we were able to satisfy measured IWCs and volume extinction coefficients to within current experimental uncertainties. However, using such an approach, to satisfy the measured radiances Baum et al. (2011) were forced to construct three habit…

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