Tess Of The D ' Urbervilles By Thomas Hardy Essay

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“A person banished from his or her native land.” This is the definition of exile, but it also goes to explain what happened to Teresa d’Urberville, also known as Tess, the main character of Tess of the d’Urbervilles, a book written by Thomas Hardy. Although this is usually not of the choice of the person at hand, but in this particular book that’s not the case. The book is a tale about a girl named Tess, who is pressured by her family to choose between working or marrying a man who was believed to be a rich distant family relative, Alec Stoke-d’Urberville after her work horse dies from what she believes to be her fault.”’Tis all my doing--all mine! (Hardy 29)” Tess chooses to go for the opportunity to marry Alec, which is the beginning of Tess being exiled from her home. Tess had some bad experiences with Alec she returns home and then again gets willingly sent to a dairy farm, leaving her house for the second time. “...between two and three years after the return from Trantridge--silent reconstructive years for Tess Durbeyfield--she left her home for the second time (Hardy 103).” The multiple exile experiences both alienated and enriched Tess.

Although both of Tess’ non permanent exile experiences caused her to become alienated, there is one which caused her more alienation than the other. That experience was when she willingly went to the dairy farm. Her mother’s opinion and viewpoints of Tess and how her life should be was the major cause of the alienation. Since…

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