Analysis Of Tess Of The D Urbervilles By Thomas Hardy

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Synopsis In Tess of the d’Urbervilles, by Thomas Hardy, a young country girl by the name Tess Durbeyfield or “d’Urberville” goes through a series of very unfortunate events following the revelation that she is of ancient noble blood. As her father John is walking past an old man he is rough acquaintances with, but not close to whatsoever, the man informs him that he is actually of the ancient name d’Urberville, one of the most wealthy and influential families a few centuries prior. Sadly, John learns that there is no fortune or estate left for him to inherit and help his financially struggling family, but he still celebrates in the pride that he is of noble blood. The next day, John is supposed to take his family beehives to the market a few …show more content…
She is happy there, making friends with the other milkmaids and falling in love with Angel Clare, whom she agrees to marry after many months. Due to her morals and Angel’s pure ways, she feels obligated to tell him about her previous problems with Alec and the resulting events. She leaves him a note, which slips under his carpet and is never read. Following their wedding, Angel confides that he had an affair with a woman in London, and Tess explains her history with Alec. Although Tess forgives him, Angel finds himself unable to forgive her and leaves to try and establish a farm in Brazil. He says he will try to accept her past, and will come for her when he is ready. Tess struggles again with depression and finding work to support herself and her family, and takes a job and a sad, failing farm. Soon after, she meets a travelling preacher who turns out to be Alec d’Urberville after converting to Christianity. Alec initially begs her not to tempt him with her beauty as he is a pure and reformed man now, but soon turns his back on his purity and reformed ways and begs her to accept him as her

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