Terry H. Anderson The Sixties Essay

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Terry H. Anderson The Sixties takes us back to that controversial decade where citizens, not only believed change was important but demanded it to occur. The author brings his discussion of the Cold War era and how it seeded the growth of the sixties. The conventional and orthodox of the fifties was a vast improvement for many of the old-generation who lived through the great depression. The decade was referred to as “Happy Days,” however, it was only truly happy for white American males. The rest of the population was tired of the unfair treatment and the lack of national problems being addressed by the government. This anger was beginning to manifest and would eventually take center stage in the era of the sixties. Anderson addresses, huge movements such as the civil rights, Vietnam War, students, the environment, women’s rights, and the LGBT. These movements become a time of social revolution and unrest. More Americans protested to demand an end to the unfair treatment of black citizens. More protested to demand an end to the war in Vietnam; and more protested to demand full equality for women. It had become almost impossible for Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon to leave the White House without facing protesters against any of these big movements. As the author stated eventually two of the most popular president to ever draw such a huge vote left the white house with some of the lowest popularity percentage ever. In addition, to social protest, the author…

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