Terrorism Is Not Universal Nor? Essay example

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The 21st century has seen the rise of an interconnected world, where exchanges of all sorts – whether commercial, financial, migratory or informational – have boomed. Alongside these major features of a globalising planet, terrorism has resurfaced as a crucially challenging threat to today’s societies. When thinking about terrorism, the recent shootings in Paris in January and November 2015, or the airport bombings in Brussels in March 2016 may sound relevant. First of all, the definition of terrorism is not universal nor has it been constant throughout time. The term “terrorism” was coined to refer to state terror during the French “Reign of Terror” between 1793 and 1794 (Zalman, 2016), although it was then used to point out anarchist terror against the state following the assassinations of both czar Alexander II in 1881 (Rapoport, no date, p.51) and United States President McKinley in 1901 (Rapoport, 2005, p.68). In addition, this term is subjective, as the following quote from President Reagan displays,
“One man 's terrorist is another man 's freedom fighter” (Reagan 1986, cited in Peters and Woolley 1986).
However, most modern scholars of terrorism agree upon certain of its most important components, such as the use of violence or terror in order to achieve certain political aims. Among these scholars, Professor Gus Martin argues that terrorism traces its roots in extremism, itself being “radical in opinion, especially in political matters; ultra; advanced.”…

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