Compare And Contrast The Tension Between The Colonists And The American Colonists

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America and Britain started in a symbiotic relationship until tensions arose, causing America to branch off politically, economically, and socially. The colonies first started in the 1600’s, when many residents of Britain decided to come to America for a better chance at success. For many years after this Britain and the colonies were in a strong relationship. Britain helped and protected the colonies, and the colonies supplied Britain with raw materials. Tensions later arose in the late 1700’s. The cause of this increase in tension was that the American colonists constantly felt their rights were being violated by the English government. The colonists started out being self-governed and having control over their own affairs, to feeling as though their rights were violated by the British. …show more content…
After Britain won the war, the colonists still had land disputes, but now with Native Americans. To alleviate this problem, the proclamation restricted colonists by limiting their expansion west. The official Proclamation forbade colonists to settle past the Appalachian mountain range (Document E). This offended the colonists not only because the idea was never discussed with them, but also because it meant the British viewed them as equal to the Native Americans, who the colonists looked down upon. After this, the colonists felt as though their ideas no longer mattered, and that they were oppressed by the British government. Even after this incident, British government continued to limit the rights of the colonists. Later acts, such as the Intolerable Acts (a martial law), made colonists feel even more imprisoned. These acts included forcing colonists to house British soldiers, bringing Massachusetts under British control with British appointed governors. Colonists now really felt the restrains of British government and British control

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