Tennessee Williams 's The Glass Menagerie Essay

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Tennessee Williams is one of the most celebrated American playwrights of the twentieth century (Crelin). Although Tennessee Williams wrote fiction and motion picture screenplays, He is most applauded primarily for his plays. Born Thomas Lanier Williams on March 26, 1911, in Columbus, Mississippi he is the first son of Cornelius Coffin and Edwina Williams (Adler). His father came from a respected Tennessee family which include the state’s first governor and first senator, later changing his name to Tennessee because his father hailed from there. Tennessee Williams got his first taste of the publishing world at the age of 16 when his essay, Can a Good Wife Be a Good Sport, won third prize. At the age of 28, Williams moved to New Orleans, where he changed his name. In March 1945, his play The Glass Menagerie, opened on Broadway. The audiences loved his play because they told the story of a Southern family living in a tenement.
Set in the south during 1958, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is about the favorite son, Brick, of a wealthy plantation man who is dying of cancer. The story is based around Brick and Big Daddy, the plantation owner. Brick is trying to hid from his homosexual desire behind his drunkenness, while Maggie his wife is particularly urgent need to have a baby because she needs to produce an heir to Big Daddy plantation. Everybody but Big Daddy and Big Mama knows that Big Daddy is dying of cancer. After Big Daddy tries to coerce his son into admitting why he is…

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