Tennessee Williams 's A Streetcar Named Desire Essay

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Tennessee Williams captures New Orleans perfectly through his play, “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Imagine walking through the heat of the summer with the Louisiana humidity, the steam of hot baths coming through the kitchen as you are trying to cool down in a two bedroom apartment, the loud sound of the downtown streets breaking through the windows, or even the spiral staircase that portrays the ionic “Stella!” scene. I never understood the truth of this play, until I was walking through New Orleans myself. There is honestly not enough adjectives to describe the lively, beautiful town. Tennessee Williams uses many stage directions to allow the reader or watcher to be able to read his thoughts. Williams wrote both the play in 1947 and the screenplay for the movie in 1951. While he was transferring his award-winning production to the screen, he kept many things the same while adding some Hollywood changes. This timeless work of art will always remain an American classic. Opening the first act of the play, you instantly see stage directions that are paragraphs long. Williams does not leave much to the imagination as he stated the time of day, the character descriptions, and so on and so forth. I throughly enjoy the book due to the fact the diction was very easy to read. Lines such as, “They musn’t have -understood- what number I wanted…” draws me back to many family get togethers where the old, southern ‘twang’ as many call it is used. Since Streetcar is an American…

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