Tengnoupal Ina Case Study

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III. 12. Tengnoupal area or Shenam saddle April to July:

A. 33rd Division’s Right Assault Unit ( Yamamoto Force)
B. The 2nd and 3rd Guerrilla Regiment, INA
A. Commander
Major General Yamamoto Tsunoru
The Right Assault Unit of 33rd Division of the Japanese army under the command of Maj. Gen. Yamamoto consists of the follo- wing formation, which with two battalion from 15 Division mounted fierce confronta- tion along the Shinam, Tengnoupal ranges :
A-1. Mountain Artillery Regiment:
- 3rd Hv Field Artillery Regiment less 2dBn
- 2d Btry (less one plat) and Regt Ammo T72d Bn,
- 18th Hv Field Artillery Regiment
- 1st Co, 33d Engineering
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It stands 5000 feet high from the sea level, located in the south-eastern parts of Imphal on the way to Moreh (Border town between India and Myanmar). From here we can overlook Pallel also gorges and ravine mountain ridges bounded by a horizon of distant grey-blue mountains. The Saddle is really a complex of hills strung out between Shenam village and Tengnou- pal village. In between these two villages stands layers of mountain spurs or pimple, where on these spur Douglas Gracey’s 20th Division confronted Yamamoto’s army and I.N.A. The British 20th Division, stationed in the Kaboo valley, with vast quantities of oil, petrol, ammunition and ration in the intension of counter offensive into Burma was ordered to withdrew to Shenam ranges in order to defense imphal. They had destroyed close on a million pounds’ worth of supplies and 200 cattle before abandoning the Tamu and Moreh area. In view of blocking the British 20th Division on their withdraw, from Moreh to Shenam ranges, Gen. Yamamoto dispatched the Ito Unit: Compose of the 3d Battalion, 213th Infantry Regiment; the 2nd Battalion (less the 6th Battery), 33rd Mountain Artillery Regiment and one engineer platoon to cut off on their retreat in the vicinity of Sibong (Saivom) or Chahmol. The Ito Unit advanced to Chahmol on 25th March over a mountain trail but failed to block the routes at Chamol because of strong enemy

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