Ten Sacred Objects Essays

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Ten Sacred Objects

Michelle Sanders


August 1, 2013
Greg Jorge
Ten Sacred Objects 1.) Fish are a symbol of luck in China. In fact, it’s traditional to serve fish at New Year’s dinner. The word fish, “Yu”, sounds like the word “wish” or “abundance” in Cantonese and Mandarin. 2.) Cows have long been sacred in India. They are protected animals under the Hindu religion. Hindus do not eat beef. In fact, most rural Indian families have at least one dairy cow which is often treated as a member of the family. Cow products are used in worship. 3.) Some Native American tribes and ancient peoples around Alaska believed the bear to be lucky. They viewed the bear as holding supernatural powers which enabled it
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Many candles can be burned to attract love, money or even better health. Candles come in various shapes, sizes and colors and each color of the candle can affect the wish or prayer you are trying to attract to you. 7.) Lucky Penny. Many people often feel if they find a penny and place this penny in their pocket throughout the day will have great luck. Hmmm… this seems to be very popular in Las Vegas, NV as many people often feel they will hit the lottery big if they stash a lucky penny in their pockets. Since pennies are made from copper many people often feel this small piece of currency can repel bad luck or so the myth goes. A penny is made with Copper and is small in diameter, hard to touch and light to hold. 8.) Dream Catchers. Dream catchers are used to hang over one’s bed to catch the good positive dreams and to block out the bad dreams. Dream catchers are considered were made by Native Americans and very popular in North America. Dream catchers range in size of a toy Frisbee and are placed in a hoop shape with many feathers falling through the center. 9.) Four leaf clover. According to many western traditions the Four leaf clover can bring much luck if you find one. Many people do not believe they exist however they do, they just are rare, and some clovers can have fifty six leaves. Each leaf on the clover is believed to represent luck, faith, love and hope. The clover leaf is small in

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