Essay on Telling The Time Using A Digital And Analog Clock

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Subject: Language Arts
Grade Level: Preschool
Title: telling the time to the hour
Objective: Student will tell the time using a digital and analog clock.
Standard: 1- Physical Development 2- approaches to learning, 3) Social and emotional Development, 4) language, communication, and emergent literacy, 5) Cognitive Development and General Knowledge.
Material: Clock, book: it’s about the time by Stuart Murphy, white card stock, colored card stock (two colors), scissors, and brass paper fasteners.
Introduction: During circle time, introduce this lesson by asking such questions as what do you do after you get to dress in the morning? Then read the book it’s about time by Stuart murphy aloud to the class. Talk about the book and ask them the question such as” what they about the story?” and “what do you think the time is now that we have read this book?” Now, take out the large clock and explain to them people use the clock to measure on a daily basis.
Activities: construction of a clock
Using a clock that students craft themselves is a fun way to teach the student the concept of time. 1- To make the paper clock, print a clock face into the white card stock. 2- Print short hour hands into one color of card stock and the long minute hands into the other color. 3- Cut out the clock hands. 4) Make a small hole in the center of the clock face near the edge of the both hands.5- Attach the hands to the clock face with the paper fastener. 6- Write the number on the clock face. Now,…

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