Telecom Sector Essay

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Telecommunication is the transmission of messages over significant distances for the purpose of communication. In the modern age of electricity, telecommunications has involved the use of electric means such as the telegraph and telephone, the use of microwave communications and the use of fiber optics.
Telecommunication has proved to be a vibrant industry across the world with a high growth rate during the past few years. The on-going process of deregulation, privatization, and market liberalization has caused basic changes in the market structure of telecommunications from monopoly to that of a competitive one. These developments have resulted in the establishment of regulators in most countries. The regulators are
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Mobile communication market is one of the most important service markets in Pakistan. This service has changed people’s daily life and significantly influenced business activity of organization. The Government has tried to introduce competition and promote private and foreign ownership through deregulation policy. The policy towards fixed line services has been conservative, while the one towards the mobile services has been open and free. Since the admittance of new cellular technology and new operators, mobile telephony has grown rapidly in Pakistan. * Deregulation of Telecom Sector:
In July 2003 government introduced a Telecommunications De-regulation Law. This allowed and encouraged the foreign companies to come and compete. Pakistan provided them with a highly productive and money-spinning market. Telecommunication Authority regulates the provision and establishment of new telecommunication services and also monitors the operations and maintenance of telecommunication systems in Pakistan (PTA History 2005). With de-regulation of telecom sector, PTA awarded 14 Long Distance and International licenses, 38 fixed local loop licenses and 17 Wireless Local Loop licenses to different companies. * Cellular connections:

Telecom industry of Pakistan has several sectors including cellular, internet, fixed/wireless LAN/DSL/Broadband, Wi-Max, VoiP. * At the top is Mobilink, the

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