Teenagers Should Not Be Charged As Adults Essays

1394 Words Apr 9th, 2016 6 Pages
Many youthful offenders are kept in prison and charged as adults for crimes they might have done under the influence of drugs or just mainly peer pressure. Teenagers are charged with crimes that have been just are the victims of the system and some are victims of their own lives. Teenagers should not be charged as adults because their actions come from their lack of intellectual capacity, the danger that faces them in prison and the prison system can also give rehabilitation for them to turn their life around. Some teenagers do not understand the consequences to their actions so therefore it is not reasonable for them to be trial as adults. They are unaware about what they do can affect their future and how they are treated after they get arrested. Some young offenders believe that no matter what the crime they will be treated as minors. Teenagers do not have the insight of what is really happening in the government and how injustice it is. This is because many kids do not have the money or essential to attend school. Many teenagers skip school and many just drop out because they do not care but they do not realize how education affects their life. The more educated you are, the more about the government and world you know.”If you struggle to pay your bills and don 't know where your next meal is coming from, studies show you are more likely to be incarcerated.” Says Lacey McLaughlin from the Jackson Free Press in which she states that having money gets you more education…

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