Teen Suicide Literature Review

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A Review on the Epidemic of Adolescent Suicides

Suicide is one of the most saddening topics to discuss. As a whole, suicide is awful. However, the population that I find the most concerning is adolescents. Sadly, suicide is the third leading cause of death in adolescents. With an influx of bullying and society’s ideals of perfection, there is no wonder how a depressed teen’s fixation on suicide is fed. In order to investigate the topic, I read three peer reviewed journals discussing teen suicide. All of which I found disheartening yet informative.
In “Death Will Abide”: A Mediation on an Adolescent Suicide, Ellen Lambert discusses the suicide of one of her english
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Unsurprisingly, homosexual and bisexual adolescents are more likely to be bullied than their heterosexual peers (Muller, James, Abrutyn, & Levin 2015). I came across a statistic in the article that greatly disturbed me. According to the article, 55% of homosexual adolescents experienced electronic harassment, between 80%- 90% reported verbal harassment, and 40% reported being physically attacked. According to the study, homosexual or bisexual adolescents overall are more likely to have suicidal ideations regardless of being bullied (Muller 2015). This could be attributable to feeling that they do not fit society’s norms or they may have grown up in a religious or prejudiced family. Just as I suspected girls are more likely to be bullied than boys. The prevalence of suicidal ideation and attempts are higher for girls as well. This is attributable to girls being highly verbally aggressive. As far as race, white heterosexuals are more likely to be bullied than their hispanic and black peers. There is no question why bullied teens wish to escape their pain from being

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