Teen Pregnancy Is A Great Impact On The Economy And Their Life Style

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Imagine having to wake up for school every morning and having to worry about yourself your having to worry about where your child will be going while your at school. Many teens are now getting pregnant before they even graduate. I know you may think it is fine but it is not teens aren 't ready for children. Being a teen mom messes with the finances and sometimes the decisions they make while pregnant aren 't too swell. Teen pregnancy has a great impact on the economy and their life style, and they should really think about having a baby or even having sex before they are ready for the consequences that go along with it. Statistics for a teenage pregnancy is outrageous. Most of the teen moms are less likely to graduate, most likely to rely on others as an adult such as family members, friends, and public assistance (The office). In the year 20013 their was almost 275,000 babies that were born to a teen mother (The office). With all of the teen pregnancies happening more and people are relying on the government with welfare and food stamps. I just don 't see why we should work longer and harder just to give them food and money they didn 't earn. i know of some teen moms that graduated and went on to have a job and an okay life and then i know some that just rely on the government and thats wrong in my opinion, I don’t think we should have to help them if they aren’t even trying to help themselves. At least 85% of all teen pregnancies aren’t planned and almost 80% of all teen…

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