Technology and Communication Essay

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Technology and Communication

Robyn Hargrave


July 20, 2015
Barbara Psachos

Technology and Communication

In today's world, we rely on different forms of communication in business. These forms range from oral communication (example: person to person), written communication (examples: memos and letters), and electronic (examples: emails and text messages). We must decide on the most effective form of communication when faced with different scenarios. What form of communication would I use to send technical support a message regarding an employee's computer that has been infected with a virus? It is important to know the company's policy for reporting problems to tech support. Some technology
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For this scenario, I would send a report stating the facts of the negativity that aired. In the report, I can explain if the news is true and to what degree it is true. I can also report if the bad news has hurt our company and can use graphs to show how much of a loss we have taken since the news has appeared. In the report, I can explain ways we can help improve our situation. What form of communication would I use to communicate to clients about a temporary pool closing in the gym? In this scenario, I would use emails and text messages. Many gyms require registration forms to be filled out to become members of a gym. I can send an email to those who have included their email address and text messages to those who do not have email. This simple message would just have the information regarding the closure and when the pool is expected to reopen. What form of communication would I use to let members of a professional association know about an upcoming annual conference? In this scenario, I would use email and also written letters. I would email all members letting them know about the upcoming event so they could "save the date" on their calendars. I would then mail out a letter or brochure to let them know about the upcoming conference and include registration information. The letter or brochure would include the agenda

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