Impact Of Technology Revolution In Communication

The Technology Revolution in Communication:
From Past to Present
Technology surrounds almost everything in society. It plays a dominant role, and we use a lot of technological devices in our daily lives like mobile phones, TVs, computers, etc. Technology is the most powerful driver of our past and future life, it has been transforming and shaping our life from difficulty to ease. Thanks to technology, we can now communicate with anyone from anywhere in the world, even from other planets. In the past, people were using several to communicate between two places such as smoke, birds, whistle. Some of them were time-consuming like smoke, some of them were not easy to communicate. Science developed day by day. Therefore, people became
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According to research done by Elon University School of Communication, “the first innovation of communication was printing press.” The telegraph followed it. In the 1830s, Samuel F. B. Morse invented the telegraph, which is the machine using electricity to deliver messages in code over wires. Then, in 1844, between Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, Maryland, the first telegraph line was constructed, the first message “What hath God wrought?” was sent by Morse (“1870s-1940s Telephone”). Therefore, with the invention of the telegraph, the speed of communication jumped up to a new level. Also, it was a huge step because it allowed people to communicate over vast distances in …show more content…
Thanks to the internet, our communication between different places developed. From my experiences, my uncle was in the U.S. to get his Ph.D. in the 1980s, and he was not able to contact with his family. However, I am in the U.S. with the same purpose, I have a lot of ways to communicate with people around the world, such as video call, telephone. International students like me can use it to make a video call to contact their families and friends. Also, it is beneficial for business sectors. They can use it to make job interview and conferences. In addition, many politicians make rally over the video call. Therefore, they save on time with aid of

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