Essay on Technology : The International System Of Units

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The scientific technology focussed on the nano (extremely small quantity mass or object type of objects) is called nano-technology. The International System of Units (SI) for one billionth of a meter (10^-9) The term nanotechnology was described by Harry as the processing of consolidation, partition and deformation of materials by one molecule or one atom (Tibbals, 2010).
With the new properties
It is constantly evolving as commercial interest in the present scientific community.

Nanotechnology is playing the vital role in the medical field. It improves the health provision in cost, effectiveness, reporting and meeting challenges of emerging diseases (Tibbals, 2010).

There has numerous application of Nanotechnology in everyday life. Such as medicines, Electronics items, sporting goods, consumer products, and even in the social environment (Everyday Applications of Nanotechnology).

The size of transistors, capacitors, inductors, memory chips affects the electronic devices in size, density, and display of the items.
As nanoparticles is too small i.e. gravity is negligible, by the use of those particles weight of different products can be decreased. By reducing the weight and power consumption of electronics devices, their capabilities can be expanded (Everyday Applications of Nanotechnology).

a) Nanowires : Nanowires carry electric current to elements and allow passing light through it. That element are too tiny not even visible. They…

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