Technology : The Effect Of Technology Essay

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“The Effects of Technology”
Technology plays a prevalent role in society, especially in the lives of students, since the presence of technology in classrooms has been growing exponentially. Technology’s presence in educational environments alters the learning atmosphere. Overall, technology’s presence has been negative and detrimental to the average student. The benefits of technology in educational environments do not outweigh the costs of technology’s presence. Technology brings many distractors because of its many capabilities, causes students to become reliant because of its ability to simplify arduous tasks, and ultimately inhibits students from learning, which is the main objective of educational institutions.
Technology brings distractions into classrooms because of the vast amount of information available. Information is so readily available that it becomes difficult for students to determine what is relevant. When trying to research a topic, an internet search will pull up thousands of webpages with information related or tangentially related to the desired topic. The information overload is ominous for many students, so to find the relevant information, skimming occurs. Skimming causes students to superficially understand the research topic. However, true learning does not occur.
The academic uses for technology also serve as a distractor for students. Computers, tablets, smartphones, and many other devices, are designed for convenience, so each possesses many…

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