Technology Takes Over The World Essay example

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Technology Takes Over The World
Imagine yourself in a classroom listening to your instructor. While your teacher is discussing the topic for the day, you begin to notice that one of the students is on their phone, either texting, using it to check their social media accounts, or playing games. When the instructor noticed that the student was not paying attention, he then asked the student a question, and because the smartphone took his attention away from what the instructor was talking about, he was unable to answer. Because of this, the student felt guilty and embarrassed. Many students feel the same emotions when this happens to the student who was using a smartphone and not paying attention to the instructor, getting the other students to put away their smartphones and laptops. Furthermore, student’s shows to readers that a technology promotes multitasking negatively affect college and high school student’s performance at school.

Narration For instance multitasking can occur when somebody tries to perform two or more assignments in fast progression it can disrupt train of thought making it difficult to return to the original task. In Engage Technology and Education (2014), students are being consumed by technology, which impacts the students every decision. A student’s mind is growing each day and falling back in the modern age of technology, which is guiding the student to complex problems. Everyday understudies are spending seven hours on…

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