Technology Is A Double Ended Sword Essay

1139 Words Dec 9th, 2016 5 Pages
Every day, technology is giving individuals and organizations the ability to perform their functions more efficiently. Whether a company is targeting new customers using online behavioral advertising, or an attacker is using the growing Internet of things to hack a car, the evolution of technology has created many solutions to existing problems, as well as introduced new concerns. As technology progresses, the privacy of technology users seems to become increasingly compromised because of data sharing and exposure. According to Jonathan Shaw (2009), the Internet era is essentially leading to the erosion of privacy. While privacy is a legitimate concern that must be addressed, it is also important to consider the benefits that emerging technologies have brought to society; technological advancement is a double-ended sword. Privacy, or the state or condition of being free from public attention to the degree you determine (He 2016), is traditionally addressed in business and organization policy, but is often something that individuals might not be as aware of. When a user decides to use the Internet or other form of technology, the user might not realize the extent of the data being collected and used for other purposes.
Although several factors contribute to the growing privacy concerns in the digital age, some specific contributors can be explored more in-depth. One of the significant contributors to privacy concerns is the fact that when users enter data online, many do not…

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