Technology Has Improved Over My Grandfather 's Lifetime Essay

952 Words Sep 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
Major Findings from the Interview:
Technology has vastly improved over my grandfather’s lifetime. Technology is incorporated in a lot of people’s lives. As my grandfather mentions, most teenagers who sit down to have a family meal will have their phones by them. Since technology is extremely incorporated in our lives, it is completely normal for people to be holding two conversations at the same time. One of those conversations can be through texting and another conversation can be in person. Another important topic my grandfather and I discussed was equality. Although equality has gotten better, some people will always feel they are better than others. My grandfather does mention he thinks the government has improved in the issue regarding equality. American government has had laws stating people should be treated equal for a long time now. The government has just been lacking on enforcing those laws. As time pass, the government has been enforcing those laws more now. I think this has a lot to do with our world becoming more globally and locally connected through technology. If people feel they are not being treated equally, they can record a video and post it online. This video can be seen by hundreds, thousands or millions of people all over the world instantly. If the person who is mistreating another person is not punished properly, then there will be a public outrage. An example is of a police officer mistreating a person because of that person’s race and there is…

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