Technology As A Primary Component Of Society Essay

1013 Words Oct 18th, 2014 5 Pages
In a world filled with tidbits of information and small innovative devices to keep people content for hours, not much thought is given to the harmful results of technology being a primary component of society. The teenagers and toddlers of today are exposed to a vast array of informative and superfluous information that can affect their future in many ways. Individuals must be more selective in technology usage to prevent an over-reliance on the virtual world, decreased human empathy, and negative psychological effects.
People who consume more of the virtual world tend to cut short the time they could spend in the real world, gaining new experiences and learning new things first-hand. Lowell Monke, who teaches an advanced computer technology class at Wittenberg University, noticed that the students who have encountered more of reality had an extensive amount of experience to create brilliant designs and websites. However, the students who spent more time inside, developing their computer skills, did not do as well in this field, and they found it difficult to be creative with the computers. Furthermore, technology does not provide real-life experiences to connect meaningful ideas and values with the abstract objects on screen. There is only a two-dimensional view of the world from virtual reality. Computers and other forms of technology cannot emulate deep moral values found in real life experiences. This impairs judgment to do what is morally right in important situations…

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