Technology And Warfare During World War II Essay

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The First World War was an extremely devastating conflict, whether it is to the millions who lost their lives or the decimated, crater-ridden landscapes the war left in its wake. The Great War was also a war of technological brilliance, because of the many new types of war technologies and ideas that were brought to light during this conflict. From new rifles to machine guns to airplanes; all of these types of technology, weapons and methods of waging war paved the way for technology and warfare today. Because of technology’s rapid development and the failure of generals adjusting their strategy to it, millions were killed using strategies that were outdated to the technology. Over 37 million people were savagely killed in this long combat due to this new and deadlier weaponry.
Even though they were brand new in World War One, tanks were mainly ineffective in the conflict because of their bulky build and small gasoline tanks that resulted in them running out of gas too often. However, the after effects would be crucial as tanks would prove to be a huge part in every war to follow. Tanks shaped warfare as we know it, because tanks are like mobile fortresses with massive amounts of firepower. Even though they were introduced in World War One, they started gaining immense popularity and were starting to be prolifically used in World War Two. Many weapons were crafted to destroy tanks, being that they were so powerful, and anti-tank weaponry became widely used throughout…

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