Essay about Technology And The Health Care Field

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Now, people are using technology to communicate with friends or families. Also, a type of technology that is used frequently is the Internet. The Internet allows people to connect with people and can gain facts that are essential for people to live. Nurse uses technology such as the Internet and wireless devices to communicate in their field. Also, it makes nurses life’s easier than tracking down a colleague to know what to do if something terrible happens such as someone falling of the bed. Besides making the nurses life easier, the healthcare field is growing because of the baby boomers generation. Also, the health care field is one of the fastest growing field in the United States. Several studies show the results of technology being used by nurses to communicate with other coworkers, have knowledge of their patient and to work efficiently through social media. Also, the results of technology can change how old nurses work differently than young nurse.
One type of technology that was used in a study was wireless devices. Wireless communication devices are installed with display and audio. Also it can be used to receive communications from coworkers and alarm that regard to the bed exit and bed status. These devices dWireless devices were given to four registered nurses (RNs) who were shadowed working an eight-hour shift for four days. Also, they were shadowed before and after the introduction of the wireless devices. From the effects of this study, it showed that…

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