Technology And The Civil War Essay

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Technology and the Civil War

A brief explanation on how the Civil War was a turning point in American history.

Throughout the span of time, there have been countless events that would count as turning points in history. However, what if we just look at America’s history itself, how many turning points can you think of that were actually significant to America? There are countless significant events that have happened here in America. Nevertheless, one of these particular events sticks out in my mind clearly. What is this specific incident? Well, it’s none other than the Civil War and the technology of that time period. Yes, the great American Civil War, the only physical war that pitted Americans against Americans. You are probably wondering why the Civil War and it’s technology was such an important turning point in American history. Well, keep reading and you will find out.

First of all, let’s talk about the technology that was invented and used during the Civil War. As many of us know, many advancements in weaponry took place during the Civil War. It was actually known as the first modern war for this very reason. Before the Civil War took place, many of the wars were fought with muskets. Now if you know anything about muskets, they were pesky little guns. Not only did you have to load everything from the top of the barrel, which took a lot of time, but they also weren’t very accurate. So in other words, you had to take all of this time loading the dang guns…

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