Technology And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Although “humans” have an innate desire to progress and evolve, the concept of humanity is being challenged by rapidly advancing technology due to the fear of becoming a post human society. However, it can be noted that rather than technology making future generations less human, it executes the contrary by illuminating the feature that defines it: the connections made to each other and the universe. By utilizing technology as a catalyst for progressive change, humans have advanced and developed alongside these tools. Emerging into complex and diverse societies that exemplify these unequivocal bonds— both tangible and abstract— these influences of technology serve to be a crucial part of what truly separates the human race as an innovative, curious, and coherent species.
The deep rooted fear regarding the erosion of what makes an individual “human” is irrational when addressing the impact of technology on society. Even Neo-Luddites, a people who are weary on the expansion of the dependence of machinery, address that “technology is intrinsic to human creativity and culture,” (Glendinning 84). Innovations in technology are developed by humans, for humans, and are created with the divine purpose of extending the average human capacity to much greater lengths. This is because tools “for thousands and thousands of years, [have] been a physical modification of self… extend[ing] our physical selves” to excel in ways our bodies were not capable of; however, now humanity is…

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