Technology And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Technology and its Effects
“Technology has solved problems, but in turn, established more difficult dilemmas” -Professor Njowo. Machines have taken over the world, and technological advances rapidly increase as time moves on. It has changed our society, creating an advantage and a disadvantage. Technology changes how we act, from Mechanical to Organic solidarity society.
Recently, a summer course, Sociology, has changed my perspective on current issues regarding technology. A textbook, Sociology-The Basic by John J. Macionis undoubtedly explains how much machines, specifically technology, affect our daily lives. Chapters, Tech and Change, Modernity, and Global stratification, enlightened my friends and I about our modern dilemmas due to technology. As of October 2014, about 64% of American adults own a smartphone and 90% own a cell phone. In 2010, the percentage of people who use mobile devices around the world has risen from 45% to 81%. The technology in Developed Countries is so advance from the Underdeveloped countries, creating a gap that increases our differences in modern society. Underdeveloped countries have an Organic solidarity, opposite to Developed Countries, Mechanical Solidarity. As we discussed this dilemma in class, we had debated over the effect of technology, few supported technology, claiming that it is harmless and beneficial, The opposing side argued how our advancement has brought about changes that have been beneficial. Accessibility, transportation,…

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