Alone Together Analysis

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Technology has had a profound affect on the individual, which in result has had a great impact on the world around us. People see technology as a way to better themselves and to connect with various people around the globe or to come together online with others to create a revolution. The affect of technology on the individual is shown in Sherry Turkles essay titled “Alone together”. She argues that robots and technology gives the individual false hope of companionship and love. As a result, the individual is no longer themselves, and lost all form of real life connections. In the other argument, by Malcom Gladwell titled “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted” he argues that technology is not the best form of activism. Its considered …show more content…
Turkle brings this idea up and claims it to be the affect of technology as a substitute. She states that “technology offers us substitutes for connecting with each other face-to-face” (272). This quote by Turkle shows that technology is a substitute for having real life connections to other individuals. In addition, Gladwell states that “Facebook activism succeeds not by motivating people to make a real sacrifice but by motivating them to do the things that people do when they are not motivated enough to make a real sacrifice” (138). This quote means that Facebook is a form of substitution used by people who are not willing to make a real sacrifice. The quotes relate because Turkle suggests that the individual relies on substitutes like social media to avoid face-to-face connections. This relates to Gladwell’s claim that Facebook is substitute for getting people to get involved, but theyre not really involved because theyre not physically there. Lack of physically communication leads to low risk situations. Without having physically contact with a group of people, its harder to fight for a cause. People who use social media for substituting real-life situations will find it more challenging to get people involved physically, rather than sitting behind a monitor. Technology has created a safe-haven for people to avoid face-to-face contact, in turn, its only helpful for low-risk

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