Technology And Human Language And Society Essay

730 Words Aug 18th, 2014 3 Pages
Introduction: In this modern day, it is prevalent to see bounteous invented technologies holding big roles in human language and society. Hence it is hard for almost every person in this world to live without technologies. While abounding technologies become more advance every day, it is directly affects human language and society. Basically, many technologies are invented in order to help and make human’s tasks or jobs easier to be done. Well said, technologies give a lot of positive impacts to human language and civilization. For example, technology makes every person in this world connected with Internet and satellite. Some technologies like webcam and video call can make people from different places to see and communicate each other in real time. Thus, it can be said that there is no more barrier for people to make friends and interact with anyone from every country in this world. Indirectly, people will have more advantage to learn other countries language and culture. In other words, technology has globally connecting everyone in this world.
At another point, technology helps human to create and achieve modern civilization, modern education system especially in language learning, and modern lifestyle in modern society. However, technology also gives a lot of negative impacts to human language and civilization. Countless problems are created from the existence of some technologies. Language alternation, society deviation, pollution, and new diseases are only few major…

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