Techniques Of Reality Therapy On The Section T11 Of The Transcript

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I demonstrate techniques of reality therapy in the section T11 of the transcript. I provide the client with an alternative way of thinking. In addition to, in the T40, I explain to my client that she can only change her behaviors and way of thinking, which is based on the control aspect of reality therapy. Explaining to the client about change reflects on the treatment plan because the client wants to learn how to have appropriate control in her relationship. Furthermore, other techniques I used that were congruent with my theory were in T37, I bring up the importance of relationships and how a disruption in that relationship can cause a distress in a person’s life. I emphasize on the client’s engagement and how important that milestone is in a relationship. Although personalization issues did not get in way of me treating my client, I did experience personalization when working with this client. I have gone through almost the exact experience my client is going through. I struggled between what decisions I am allowed to make in my relationship. Furthermore, in order to have a successful relationship, according to reality therapy, each partner needs to learn what his or her quality world is learn to tolerate it. The digression I had from the reality therapy model was the closed question I asked in T1 because I wanted to know whether her partner was honest with her from the beginning of the relationship or if he kept the information about his children from her.…

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