Essay on Teaching Second Language Acquisition ( Sla )

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Humans have the ability to acquire languages and gain knowledge on the individual mechanics of every language. Researchers, who study second language acquisition (SLA), look at learning through a classroom setting, rather than learning through interaction with native speakers. The classroom setting, which has little immersion capabilities, has a lower chance of the students to be proficient in the language without external assistance. External assistance such as, listening to music or watching video in the language of study, speaking or interacting with a native speaker and visiting the country of interest or studying abroad. These highly motivated students, who experience or uses external assistance, can have a high proficiency without being immersed in the language within a classroom setting. While learning another language is required by some schools in order to graduate, learning a second language (L2) and having the motivation to continue learning is beneficial, both socially and mentally. Motivation and exposure, play an important role in the learning process of acquiring a second language. Without the motivation to continue learning the language or placing limits on oneself to only learn communicative or learn how to read the language, restricts ones ability to completely learn the language. Having the motivation (Dörnyei, Preface xi). Whether it be for communication with a relative who can only speak that language, or because you want to watch a TV show without…

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