Teaching English as a Second Language to Pre-School Learners Essay

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Title: Teaching Methods used to teach English to pre- school children’s

Date | Author/ References | Title of Journal | Comments | Research method | 18/09/2012 | Sandradu Plessis and Brenda low | Challenges To Pre –School Teachers In Learners Acquisition Of English As Language Of Learning And Teaching | This journal highlights problems that teachers might come across in teaching English to pre –school children. The importance of identifying them and solving them because its believed here in this journal that preschool teachers play a key role in the acquisition of English language by the children because children spend most of their waking hour with the teachers. Therefore it’s believed that teachers do play a big role in the
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It needs highly skilled and dedicated teaching. Teachers of English for young learners need to have a sound understanding of how students think and operate, that is how young learners learn a language. This will serve as the foundation for the implementation of teaching English to young learners. | Qualitative research method | 25/09/2012 | Sue Garton, Fiona Copland, Anne Burns | Investigating Global Practices in Teaching English to Young Learners | This paper reports on the project Investigating Global Practices in Teaching English to Young Learners. Its main aims were to: ■ discover what policy/syllabus documents inform TEYL practices around the world■ investigate and map the major pedagogies that teachers use■ better understand teachers’ perceptions of their roles and responsibilities, including the challenges they face■ identify how local solutions to pedagogical issues can be effective and how these may resonate globally. | Quantitative and Qualitative research | 2/10/2012 | Hui-Ching Hsu Chien-Hui Lin National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan | The Effects of Total Physical Response on English Functional Vocabulary Learning for Resource Classroom Students in the Elementary School | The purpose of this journal is it states how student acquire the English language by Total Physical Response. The

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