Essay about Teaching English As A New Language

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Educators in the field of teaching English as a New Language (ENL) have a unique position in the school environment because of what they are tasked with. All teachers have the responsibility to provide their students with an education and to help them become functional and productive members of society. What makes being an ENL teacher unique and challenging is that they have the responsibility of trying to simultaneously teach English Language Learners (ELL’s) about the same society and culture that they are being prepared to be a part of. This can prove to be quite difficult because as an educator you are often pressed for time as it is, but now you are asked to teach what can be looked at as a doubled curriculum. Teaching ELL’s the culture of the society they’re in helps them become more efficient communicators of the English language because they will be able to better understand context both socially and academically. It is my belief when it comes to teaching English as a second language, that the best way to help ELL’s make better connections to academic language is to strengthen their basic conversational language as much as possible. When it comes to Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS), you are talking about language that is being used in social situations between ELL’s and their peers and Cognitive Academic Language (CALP) is the academic language ELL’s learn in the classroom (Haynes, 2009). I believe that the more experience that ELL’s have being in…

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