Taylor Swift 's Theory Of Multiple Intelligences Essay

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Taylor Swift is considered one of the most well known and celebrated musical artists of the 21st century. Every album attracts new fans and pleases the old ones even more. But do her fans simply find her songs catchy or do they think she is brilliant? If she is gifted, does it come from hard work or from her giftedness in musical abilities? I believe Taylor is gifted, but she must still work hard to become successful.
What is Giftedness Giftedness is not simply defined by one characteristic or one specific detail. Many qualities and abilities can be defined as gifted, such as academic strengths, musical abilities, and athletic talents. Taylor Swift, for example, may show talent in her musical skills, but show no giftedness in academic abilities; however, giftedness does not have to include all aspects of its definition, so Taylor still classify as gifted. Like Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, an individual may have strengths in one area, such as musical intelligence, or in several areas, for example musical intelligence and spatial intelligence (Gardner et al, 105-107). Furthermore, these gifts rarely appear out of nowhere. Proficiency in skills comes from hard work and persistency, and gifted individuals must practice and exercise their abilities in order to become talented (Winner). I believe giftedness is not unitary, but rather simply a broad description of a talent or great strength in one or several areas. Since so many categories of giftedness exist, I…

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