How Did Taylor Swift Change

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Change. It is vital. It is necessary. It is a fact of life. Without it, inevitable stagnation ensues. Bands change their sound from album to album, altering with time and shifts in society. From cultural to personal reasons, these changes keep the music relevant. The Beatles shifted from a pop group, to a much more psychedelic and experimental group as their career progressed. Miley Cyrus started as living a double life as herself and Hannah Montana in her Disney Channel days. As she grew, Hannah Montana faded and a much more adult version of Miley Cyrus appeared in the foreground, often causing rifts in society with her many grotesque public acts and more adult-orientated music, even performing live concerts in the nude. Taylor Swift experiences a transition somewhat in-between the two. Throughout her career, she moves from country music to primarily pop music by simply growing up and adjusting to the times. In her …show more content…
Born on December 13th, 1989, Taylor Swift barely slips into the classification of an “Eighties child”. After breaking into the country music scene in 2006 with her second album entitled “Fearless”, Swift gained fame. As her reputation grew, Taylor Swift became a household name. With her many public relationships, Kayne West’s rude interruption of her acceptance speech at the MTV Music Video Awards, and media outlets such as TMZ and E! News constantly following her every move, Taylor Swift cannot be ignored. Always in the spotlight, she is without a doubt a behemoth of society. Now that she plays such a vital role as a celebrity in society, she no longer makes the country albums originally associated with her name. Growing as a person, she shifts her genre, which is inevitable in people from the teenage years to the mid-twenties. Overall, Swift’s classification as an artist changed as she progressed into a stronger and wiser person with

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