Tattoos In A Work Place Essay

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Tattoos in the Business World Since I was a little girl, I have always admired the different ways people “decorate” their bodies: colored hair, make-up, piercings, and tattoos. Though some may be a tad bit outrageous for my taste, I always appreciated it. Piercings, though visible a majority of the times, are easily hidden. There are special piercing rings that are clear, so that they may not be seen if prohibited in a certain environment. Tattoos on the other hand are a much more complicated issue. Tattoos of coarse can be done in areas of the body where one can cover them up with clothing. But what about other areas not so easy to cover, areas such as; hands, neck, face, and arms. I have always been told that I must be careful where I …show more content…
I then asked my mother how many companies she has worked for that have had a policy against tattoos, she responded with, “All of them but one. When I worked for UPS they had no policy against tattoos, just piercings due to safety procedures.” Has it been difficult for you to get hired into a company with your tattoos? “No, because my tattoos are in places I can easily cover. Most companies have a dress code that requires you to dress formal so with formal wear, it covers all” (Suri). Last but not least, do you believe tattoos make someone look unprofessional? “It does to a certain extent. Something vulgar and inappropriate like a big ‘F the Law’ on your forearm won’t give you the best impression with others. But I think something as innocent as a flower would be just fine because there isn’t any offense to it” (Suri). My mother is a rule follower so there is no surprise that she’s never had a problem with covering up her tattoos. I thought her reason for her first tattoo was intriguing, and it got me to wonder how many people get tattoos with sentimental value and how many get a tattoo just for the fun of it. I thought it was interesting to hear about the companies my mom has worked for, almost all having a policy against tattoos. It surprised me because today’s society tends to be just a tad more open to tattoos than years before. It was more astonishing to hear that many companies continue

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