Target Market Analysis: EBL To Go

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2.1 Market Summary
Target Market
EBL to Go has established its target market. The restaurant is in possession of great information concerning its market. Besides, it has a great deal of information regarding the observable attributes of a number of their loyal customers. The information regarding the target market is of great importance as it enables the organization to have an improved understanding of the people whom they serve, the specific requirements of the customers as well as how the organization is capable of communicating better with these customers.
EBL to Go has classified its market into three domains. The factors that were taken into consideration by the restaurant entail geographic, demographic and behavioral factors. All these factors are discussed below:
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EBL to Go will target women who are homemakers and professional working women between the ages of 35 – 55 in which case lead lives so busy, the café will be the perfect stop on their way home. With the invention of cell phones, the women will be available to dial in their orders within 30 minutes prior to arrival and get a healthy complete meal for their families with the option of not getting out of their car. EBL to Go will position itself as an organic cafe specializing in freshly prepared meals with different caloric measurements. EBL to Go is a carryout and sit-down food cafe formed by individuals who are health and food conscientious. Its management will be able to use its vast experience and personal passion to develop innovative and tasty menus for a broad range of individuals. EBL to Go is the premier provider of organic cafe specializing in freshly prepared meals with different caloric measurements serving the Fairfax and Midtown areas. The target market will also target young single adults who are health conscientious outside of the homemakers and professional moms as another market for us to reach as the business reach its full

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