Essay on Taming One 's Fury : The Process Of Civilization

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Taming One’s Fury: The Process of Civilization When Freud discusses the oceanic feeling, he argues that this comes about from a regression to a previous state, a result of the “primary ego-feeling” that people felt when they were infants “[persisting] to a greater or less degree” (Freud 4). This primary ego-feeling is one that has not yet managed to separate itself from the world around it, failing to differentiate between the internal and the external world. However, as the person begins to recognize that there are some aspects of the external world, they slowly draw into themselves, differentiating between the ego within them and the reality of the world outside. This is the natural human instinct, drawing away from potential sources of pain while maximizing the chances for pleasure. Interestingly, Freud points out that one of the methods by which an individual is capable of fending off suffering is to “regard reality as the sole enemy and as the source of all suffering” (Freud 12), cementing the idea that it is natural for humans to choose to withdraw from their child ego-feeling into a more adult version that separates themselves from the world around it. Having established this, Freud points that the conception of civilization as an idea is one that brings back this idea of acceptance, of having to deal with the reality that naturally comes with living amongst other people. One cannot live amongst others without dealing with reality,…

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