T Cell And Skin-Resident Memory Cells

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T cells are one of the several types of lymphocytes that performs several functions in immunity. An example function is immune surveillance, a process in which foreign and diseased host cells are recognized and destroyed by natural killer cells. T cells function in immune surveillance by generating a T-cell response (TCR) which allow them to function in fighting against infection (Swann, J. B. et al, 2007). Recent findings indicate TCR and local non-related factors of the tissues result in the programming of tissue resident memory cells, a newly discovered group of lymphocytes. Hence, the main focus of the paper reviewed was on how T-cell antigen-dependent pathways effect the generation of skin-resident memory cells,
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There are several components of the immune systems however, the two major ones are the B-cells and T-cells which are derived from bone marrow. Immune responses to viral infections can be either innate or adaptive. Innate response functions continuously without prior exposure while adaptive response requires the development of proteins with high affinity and specificity against viral infections. The B and T cells function individually and together in generating specific adaptive responses (B-cell response and T-cell response) necessary to generate specific antibodies for antigens presented on cell surfaces via few mechanisms; mutation, selection, proliferation and memory. A key feature of the adaptive immune system is …show more content…
Some scientist tested the possibility directly and found that the local expression of antigen dramatically amplified the generation of Trm cells in vaccina virus (VACV)-infected skin. The notion raised the question how local antigen-dependent signals influence the formation of tissue resident memory cells from a pool of polyclonal endogenous precursor cells during infection with antigenically complex pathogens. A possible explanation/ answer given to the question above was; simultaneously tracking the establishment of Trm cells specific for different viral epitopes in skin infected with the non-replicating modified vaccina Ankara(MVA) strain of

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