Systems Theory And Family Therapy Essay

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Becvar, D. S., & Becvar, R. J. (1999). Systems theory and family therapy: A primer (2nd ed.). Lanham, MD: University Press of America. ISBN 9780761812951
Systems theory and family therapy was written by Ray and Dorothy Becvar. The book was about the basic concepts of systems theory and its purpose in family therapy. The Becvars discussed the differences between modernism and postmodernism and the difference between first-order and second-order cybernetics. There was a discussions of constructivism and social constructionism, and they talked about the difficulties of these two perspectives in regards to the theory and practice of family therapy. What I took away from the reading and from Ray Becvar coming to visit was that our job as therapist is to allow people to believe what they want to believe and that depending on what it is we believe in, will dictate how we handled situation situations. If I were to give my opinion of this book I would say that it was really interesting and a quick read. I wouldn’t say it was the easiest book I read for this class but it didn’t take me long to read it and the wording wasn’t really all that difficult. The most useful thing I learned during this presentation was that it didn’t matter how I feel or what I believe in, it’s all about the client and what they believe in. I also learned that I plan to not be focused on mental illness because it will get in the way of how I treat the client. I would be treating them as a client with…

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