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7.Energy Management (Solar Energy system ) |Solar energy system need to be installed |Director and committee members |August 2013 |Solar energy system |Director and committee members can find all the information from green energy council’s website. |Budget will be checked by committee members. Stake holder and family will be informed through mail. | |June 2014 | |8. Room Practices(Growing indoor plant and seed) |Indoor plants needed. Requirement for plants and seeds to germinate to provide a sustainable environment for the children. |All staff |May 2013 |Indoor plants and pots to purify the air. |Providing opportunity to staff to participate in professional development workshops to promote environment sustainability. |Email, Journal …show more content…
|All staff and children |1 May 2013 | Cloth line for heavy loading for staff and for light loading for children, pegs. |New changes will be discussed in the staff meeting. Training will be provided about the sustainable practices |Staff and family’s needs to be informed about these new changes through newsletters. | |July 2013 | |

Appendix 2 Evaluation of the Waste Management program

1. Evaluation of the outdoor environment (veg. garden) program

• The program has been successfully working. The staff and children are working together to create a sustainable environment.

• Kinder teacher took the kinder children for excursion to the nearest Bunning and they bought pumpkin, snow peas, tomato, capsicum’s plants and coriander’s seeds.

• Pre-kinder and kinder educator planted these plants with the children’s help.

• Children are watering, plants every day and all staff is helping by doing positive role modelling.

• We all can see the plants growing up steadily.

• Educators teach the all children to look after our plants.

2. Evaluation of the outdoor environment (fertiliser) program

• Budget has been checked. Service could just afford the compost bin but not the worm farm yet to compost bin has been bought by the head of committee.

• Policy on sustainable

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